Naturally Fermented Products


All of our ferments are never pasteurized and are vinegar free. We have a unique fermentation process not seen anywhere else, which makes each ferment incredibly delicious while still maximizing the amount of probiotics and enzymes within the product.



“Korean Superfood”



“German Superfood”



“Saskatchewan Inspired”



Bold Flavours

Benefits of Consuming Naturally Fermented Foods

  • Great source of vitamins and minerals
  • Increased antioxidant status
  • Anti constipation effects
  • Immune booster
  • Natural enzymes promote the absorption of nutrients to the body
  • Digestive and colon health
  • Brain health promotion
  • Skin health promotion
  • Positive effects on weight loss, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between our fermented products and the others you would find at your local Supermarket?

To start, our products are 100% DELICIOUS and made using simple & unique handpicked ingredients. Absolutely no preservatives, filler or water ever added. Meaning more cabbage in each product. We have very high standards and keep you (our customer) top of mind, along with ensuring our products are sustainable for the environment.

My jar “exploded” once opened! Is it still safe to eat?

All of our fermented products are raw & alive (unpasteurized) , which means they continue to actively ferment inside the jar. Sometimes, you may open one of our fermented products and no reaction will occur. Other times, they may pop and overflow, similarly to a bottle of champagne. Either way, it’s definitely still safe to eat!

Should I refrigerate your naturally fermented products?

Yes, refrigeration controls fermentation. If you leave one of our fermented products at room temperature, it accelerates the fermentation process, while refrigeration slows the fermentation, which is why it needs to be refrigerated once jarred.

Why should I eat foods with probiotics?

Foods that are rich in probiotics contain beneficial bacteria that aid in maintaining the balance of microorganisms in our body’s intestinal tract and promote a healthy digestive system. Our fermented products produce lactic acid (Lactobacillus) which helps your digestion. It’s good to eat probiotics daily!