Do you love our plant based soul foods? I bet you do and why not order them at a discounted price, 10% off!


This package includes:

Moroccan Patties (2 patties) 

Herbalist Patties (2 patties) 

Spicy BBQ Jack (1)

Fire Roasted Mixed Peppers and Potatoes Lasagna with Cheez (v) Sauce (1)

Saskatchewan Super Charged Kale & Wild Rice Rolls with Cheez (v) Sauce (1)


You can almost look at it as a meal basket for the week. Feeling like a salad but want to amp up the protein? Toss one of our Herbalist Patties on the side. Don't feel like cooking but want an easy, healthy and tasty meal? Toss one of our lasgna's in the oven, it feeds 2 people or one very hangry person! 

Saskatchewan Plant Based Feast!

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