Do you love our plant based soul foods? Save a few clicks and order this package! 


This package includes:

Coffee & Chili Dusted Bean Burgers (2 patties) 

Kale & Quinoa Falafels (4 Falafels) 

Pulled BBQ Jack (1)

Fire Roasted Mixed Peppers and Potatoes Lasagna with Cheez (v) Sauce (1)

Gourmet Cabbage Rolls stuffed with Potatoes & Fresh Dill (1)


You can almost look at it as a meal basket for the week. Feeling like a salad but want to amp up the protein? Toss a couple of our falafels on top. Don't feel like cooking but want an easy, healthy and tasty meal? Toss one of our lasgna's in the oven, it feeds 2 people or one very hangry person! 

Saskatchewan Plant Based Bundle

  • Ingredients: See indvidual products for ingredient list.

    Cooking Insturcitons: See invidual products for cooking instructions.

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