Our Ginger ferment is a salted, fermented, vegetable mix or what we like to call, a German superfood! It's simular to kraut but has a nice crunch as we do not over ferment the cabbage and you will get a good kick from the ginger, offering a really unique flavour profile.


Not only does it taste amazing, is a great source of probiotics and enzymes, as an added bonus, it’s packed full of Vitamin C. This can be eaten on it’s own, put into salads and goes great on top of our “Coffee & Chili Dusted Bean Burgers” or our “Kale & Quiona Falafels”.


It’s 100% natural, handcrafted, handpicked, using simple non GMO ingredients. Absolutely no preservatives, filler or water ever added. We have very high standards and keep you (our customer) top of mind, along with ensuring our products are sustainable for the environment.


  • Ingredients: White cabbage, carrots, green onions, fresh ginger, ginger powder, caraway seeds, fennel seeds, sea salt - Keep Refrigerated

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