If you haven't tried our Quinoa & Kale Falafels, you're in for a treat! You'll receive four falafels that are easy to prepare.


Whole Food Plant Based High Protein Falafels, Supercharged with Quinoa, Kale and Fresh Herbs! This one is incredibly unique and truly is one of a kind and will be sure to impress your family or friends! Another great plant based alternative with local ingredients that are sourced right here in Saskatchewan. Our falafels are packed with protein and nutrients, we never use preservatives, filler, soy or gluten! 


Cooking Instructions: Preheat oven to 400 (fahrenheit) or 200 (celsius) and bake for 17 - 20 minutes, flipping once. Let stand for two minutes before serving.

Quinoa & Kale Falafels

  • Ingredients: Quinoa*, Chickpeas*, Wild Rice*, Green Peas, Leeks*, Kale*, Italian Parsley*, Preserved Lemons*, Flax Seeds, Garlic, Sea Salt, Pepper, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Basil, and Cornmeal* Non Gmo.

    *Organic Ingredients

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