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Hello and welcome Back to YouRoots!

My story started years ago when I was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis due to lifestyle choices and having a very poor diet. After seeking help in the health system, my doctor told me that it is incurable, that I will get attacks for the rest of my life and that it will also drastically shorten my life expectancy. They prescribed different medications, however they had unbearable side effects and did not help my condition at all. I ended up in ER every few months with severe pain due to the illness. I was put on pain medication and sent home.

I finally said “enough is enough!” and decided it was time to take action. That’s when I discovered the "miracle" benefits of a wholesome, wholefoods plant based lifestyle. It turned out that due to my condition I was completely malnourished, even though I started eating healthy, the nutrients were not being absorbed. That is what led me to start making my own natural fermented products to improve my overall digestion and gut health. Adding all these wonderful natural enzymes to my diet helped me to not just get better, but to also cured my condition (this was also confirmed later by Doctors and of course had no explanation for the cured disease which was apparently incurable).

After doing more research, I learned that at least 75% of the western population are in some ways malnourished due to bad diet and poor lifestyle choices which cause diseases like - IBS, Leaky Gut, IBD, Crohn’s, Celiac, Gerd, Heart Disease, etc. After learning that a lot of these diseases are preventable and most of all, reversible, that's when I decided to start making my own fermented products to share and help others on their own journey.

Please don't get me wrong, I’m not saying eating a plant based diet along with a little “Kimchi” that all your health problems will go away. These products are just one piece of the puzzle, I also highly recommend a plant based lifestyle, daily exercise, meditation/yoga. With all that and a lot of consistency, yes you will be able to cure yourself from most diseases without medications.

I “Chef Bernhard” am the living proof, looking forward to helping you soon!


Hello and welcome Back to YouRoots!

My story in health began back in 2014 when Bernie who was just a co-worker at the time challenged me to do a half marathon. Through that journey leading up to the race, we forged a friendship and I will be forever grateful that he pushed me into giving it a try, since then I've done over 10 half marathons, four full marathons and two Ironman 70.3's completing my first one back in July, 2018. 

Everything wasn't always smooth sailing though. I had a very poor diet and drank a lot, your typical western style lifestyle! I finally hit my own perceived "rock bottom" in the fall of 2017 and realized something needed to change. I was not living the lifestyle that I knew I wanted and was finally ready to take action. I cleaned up my diet, started eating a plant based diet and drastically reduced how much I was drinking until I decided to give it up all together earlier in 2018.  

The changes I saw in terms of both my physical and most of all my mental health were amazing. I went from eating fast food 3 - 4 times a week, a lot of junk food and binge drinking and am now free of it, I don't think most of us know how much control that stuff has over us until we try to give it up! In the process I lost over 40 pounds and drastically improved my fitness. If there is one thing I learned in this process is to never accept what is and to always put yourself out there, when you feel uncomfortable, that's generally when you start to grow as a person! 

You're going to learn how to be an amazing cook in the kitchen for your partner, family and friends with our cooking show. I'm very much excited to have you along for the journey as I want you to have the same results that I've had. 

All the best and have a legendary day! Be Positive, live with purpose and eat nutritious & delicious, plant based foods! 

Conrad Nixon

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