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We cater to health conscious people who love delicious and nutritious foods that are made in a sustainable way using local ingredients.

When we say “Plant-Based”, “Gluten-Free” or “Vegan” we sometimes get asked what our products are made out of, as if we are scientists producing something in a lab. The simple and only answer is highly nutritious, honest wholefood ingredients and that’s it.

Naturally Fermented Products

All of our ferments are never pasteurized and are vinegar free. We have a unique fermentation process not seen anywhere else, which makes each ferment incredibly delicious while still maximizing the amount of probiotics and enzymes within the product.

Clean Protein Entrees

All of Clean Protein Entrees are made from wholefood ingredients, some that are sourced right here in Saskatchewan. They are produced in a sustainable way and 100% soy, gluten & preservative free.

From Our Customers

“To date I’ve tried three of the dishes and they were all very flavourful! It is clear that careful thought is put into their creation! I really like having this company as an option for healthy vegan easy to prepare meals when I don’t have the energy or time to pull something together on my own.”

Amanda Voroney

“This food has absolutely blown my mind! I can say without a doubt I have never had a product that I can heat at home that has had so much FLAVOUR and made of such quality ingredients! I’m completely obsessed! I have been telling as many people as I can because no matter what style of food you eat anyone can love and enjoy this amazing selection! The cherry on top is the customer service is absolutely outstanding as well! I am so very grateful I have discovered this amazing business.”

Cheryl Kreft

“Excellent high-quality food, and It’s vegetarian/gluten-free, too! The flavours are all so delicious, complex, and nicely balanced. So much depth and character in every bite, and it’ll keep you coming back for more. Very pleased with everything I have tried. Also a word of warning, don’t bother thinking “I’ll eat half and save the rest for later” because you’ll just eat the rest right now. Yes I have tried (and failed).”

Dwayne Evanochko

You can find our products across the prairie province at some amazing local grocery stores both small and big. Order online for same day delivery in Regina.

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